Andrew Pisula

Andrew Pisula.png

After discovering bone carving in New Zealand, Andrew Pisula returned home to create a full-time work space. At first a private hobby, years later the time seemed right to start Vagabond Carving to showcase and expose Andrew’s art and craftsmanship to the world.

Andrew is someone who believes in the magic of making things with your own hands. As a mechanical engineer, the creation of large, wooden sculptures reflects his interest in symmetry and repetition. He finds the beauty of geometry to be inspiring and attempts to capture that in all that he does. His love for the touch and feel, the nicks and bruises, also influence the vision of turning recycled wood and other materials into something new. He’s constantly growing and expanding the materials he works with and changing tools and techniques for a new world of possibilities to open up.

Andrew’s passion and eye are particularly drawn to large scale, wall hanging, wooden sculptures. This has manifested in the creation of custom installations tailored to a unique space for a business or a signature piece to be enjoyed as part of a private collection or home decor.